Awakening Baltics DTS

AWAKENING Baltics Discipleship Training School aka the Baltic DTS

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"AWAKENING EUROPE" is coming to the Baltics!
Thousands will come to share the love of Christ in Riga, Latvia this summer.
We will be there and continue carrying this flame all through the Baltics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania).

Join us for the journey of a lifetime as we learn to know God more and make Him known while living a "backpacking lifestyle" traveling from hostel to hostel in some incredibly beautiful cities and towns.

5th of August until 19th of December 2018.
11 lecture weeks and 8 outreach weeks.

We start in Latvia and journey through Estonia, Lithuania and more!
3 months in the Baltics and 2 months somewhere else in Europe or Asia.

Adventurous people ready to learn and get challenged.
People hungry for more of God in their own lives.
People wanting to grow in courage and skill to share the love of Christ with others.
For you!

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